Thursday, June 18, 2020

How to Identify Stroke Symptoms

When a stroke occurs, immediate medical attention can limit brain damage and result in better outcomes. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to identify the symptoms of a stroke. Call 911 if you or a loved one experiences any of these stroke symptoms, which you can remember with the acronym FAST.

F - Face Drooping

A man sitting on a sofa wincing in pain

Numbness, sagging, or drooping that affects just one side of the face often indicates a stroke. If you aren't sure, ask the person to smile. With a stroke, his or her smile will appear uneven.

A - Arm Weakness

If the person is unable to raise one of his or her arms, a stroke may be occurring. The arm might drift downward when your loved one tries to lift it. He or she might also experience numbness or weakness in one arm. In addition, any sudden numbness in the body could indicate a stroke.

S - Slurred Speech

Stroke can cause speech that is incomprehensible or difficult to understand. If the person cannot answer questions or repeat a basic sentence, dial 911. He or she may also display confusion with a stroke.

T - Time to Call 911

Any of these symptoms are cause for emergency medical care. Call 911 and describe your family member's symptoms. In addition to the common symptoms illustrated by FAST, stroke may cause a sudden, severe headache; dizziness, loss of balance, or difficulty walking; and difficulty seeing in either or both eyes.

The sooner a person having a stroke gets treatment, the less likely it is that he or she will experience significant disability. The emergency room doctors will administer a drug that breaks up the stroke-causing blood clot. Driving to the hospital wastes valuable time, since every minute matters when it comes to stroke care.

After a stroke, physical, occupational, and speech therapy support recovery and help the person return to his or her daily activities. Midlothian Healthcare Center is your source for stroke care in Midlothian and surrounding areas, with comprehensive services and specialized programs. We emphasize Christian values and treat each and every patient like a member of our family. Call 972-775-5105 or complete our online form to schedule your appointment.