Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A Guide to Hip Replacement Recovery

It takes time to recover from any major operation, and, although a hip replacement will leave you better off in the long run, you don’t want to rush your body. While the exact length differs for everyone, there are steps you can take to mitigate risks and get back to normal faster. Read on for a quick guide to safe, stable hip replacement recovery.

The First Week

The first days are some of the most important after hip replacement. Regardless of the type of surgery, you’ll probably be using crutches or a walker to get around; light movement will help your body rebound. This is also when you’ll engage with physical therapy to learn the right ways to move. Before going in for surgery and after you get home, be sure to establish your medication routine and walk carefully but frequently. You’ll avoid blood clots and strengthen your legs in the process.

Second and Third Weeks

As time wears on, you should be able to transition to a cane and take showers as normal. You’ll likely have your surgery staples removed around the 10-day mark. However, it’s still important to stick to your exercise regimen, continue taking prescriptions, and move about as much as possible. This is also the time to watch out for infections, as you’re most likely to develop one during this period.

Four Weeks and Beyond

Once you’ve regained the ability to walk without aid, you’ll slowly return to other regular activities. You should be able to drive again somewhere between three and six weeks, and sexual activity may resume. Between six and twelve weeks will be when you can expect to work and engage in a low-risk exercise like swimming. Anything more strenuous should be discussed with your doctor, and you should keep in touch with them throughout the process.

The most vital steps you can follow are to stay active, eat well, and take your recovery slowly. Though it may take some months to fully rebound from your hip replacement, your health is worth the wait. At Midlothian Healthcare Center in Midlothian, TX, we understand that the journey from hospital to home can be daunting, so we provide a full register of rehabilitation services to assist you as your whole body heals. Contact us today to learn more about the quality care we provide.

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